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About Us

An Oral Health Care company started by and owned by Pediatric Dentists

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Smiyl is helping solve the number one disease in children: cavities. Early Childhood Caries (Cavities) can have a lifelong impact on health an wellness. We are committed to providing safe sustainable products to help improve your child's oral health. Smiyl products are designed by two private practicing pediatric dentists aiming to improve pediatric oral health.


 Todd Gray DDS


Dr. Todd has been a pediatric dentist for over 15 years. He felt compelled to start Smiyl to give a direct connection between the consumer and pediatric dentist. His vision for Smiyl is a company that will continue to supply products and information to patents to improve their kids oral health.

Sean Whalen DDS


Dr. Sean has been practicing pediatric dentistry for over 15 years. Along with Dr. Todd he is committed to making a difference in the oral health care experience of children. He lives and practices in Colorado with his wife and three boys.


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